10.?.?.?.? (?)

  • Fix: Display only the buttons in the main toolbar for which the user has the appropriate permissions.
  • Fix: JS error when multiple documents are uploaded at once. (Oct, 17, 2017)

  • Improvement: New document viewer.
  • Improvement: Allow the preview of image files.
  • Fix: Display the node title if set into the CMIS container.
  • Fix: On the import document dialog, rename ‘Create’ button into ‘Add’
  • Fix: For items displayed into the datatable, adjust the dropdown menu position based on page width.
  • Fix: A name in CMIS can not ends with a dot. On the CMIS backend the ‘sanitize_cmis_name’ method removes this character if it’s found at the end of the string to sanitize and this case is detected by the method ‘is_valid_cmis_name’.
  • Fix: Redraw the datatable widget on tab activate
  • Fix: JS error into Firefox on create/update document
  • Fix: The document preview works also with IE.
  • Fix: Makes the file required into the update document dialog.
  • Fix: Improves the layout of the data grid widget with internet explorer.
  • Fix: Makes the delete confirmation message translatable.
  • Improvement: Add new method on the cmis_folder field to get a proxy object that let’s you perform CMIS actions on the forlder into the CMIS container.
  • Improvement: Display the CMIS widget in edit mode. In some cases it’s useful to have access to the preview of one document when filling the html form to copy/paste information from document into the form. (Jan, 4, 2016)

  • First release